Colin Dixon 2 Apr 20 5 min read

What COVID-19 means for your AML programme, and how you can respond

COVID-19 has impacted everyone around the world, from school children to employees, the health sector to the grocery sector. ...

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Colin has been working on Jade ThirdEye for more than 8 years and has helped scores of reporting entities in multiple countries implement and upgrade their transaction monitoring and customer screening automation tools. From rules based on risk profiles to compliance reporting, Colin uses his extensive knowledge of the Jade ThirdEye software and the AML landscape, working directly with customers of all shapes and sizes to help them achieve the best outcomes with their automation tools. He is also responsible for engaging with customers and defining new capabilities that continuously add more value to the Jade ThirdEye product.

Blog Post by Colin Dixon

Colin Dixon 11 Apr 22 11 min read

Keeping people safe is what we are doing every day

The KiwiSaver, superannuation and wealth management sectors are gaining more attention ...
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Colin Dixon 20 Oct 21 4 min read

The Rise of AI and the Role of Technology in AML/CTF Compliance

We know there is huge potential to utilise the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) ...
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Colin Dixon 11 Oct 21 10 min read

Part 3, Driving Effective AML/CTF Programmes and Outcomes: Insights from the inaugural ACAMS Australasia Conference 2021

In part 1 of the series we discussed the current landscape and threat environment, which ...
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Colin Dixon 16 Sep 21 28 min read

Part 2, Compliance Challenges: Insights from the inaugural ACAMS Australasia Conference 2021

In part 1 of this series, we reviewed the current landscape and threat environment, if ...
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Colin Dixon 16 Aug 21 14 min read

Part 1, The Australasian AML & CFT Environment: Insights from the inaugural ACAMS Australasia Conference 2021

Jade ThirdEye was excited to be a part of the inaugural ACAMS Australasia Conference at ...
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Colin Dixon 18 Jun 21 2 min read

ACAMS Inaugural AML & Anti-Financial Crime Conference, Australasia & AUSTRAC’s reforms to the AML/CTF Act

Jade ThirdEye are excited to be a part of ACAMS’ first AML & Anti-Financial Crime ...
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Colin Dixon 7 May 21 19 min read

A RegTech perspective on anti-money laundering reporting

With ever-changing business environments, regulations, and customer behaviours, Colin ...
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Colin Dixon 16 Feb 21 12 min read

Tips for Approaching Your AML/CFT Audit

The New Zealand AML/CFT ACT requires all reporting entities to complete an independent ...
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Colin Dixon 3 Nov 20 11 min read

Money remitters, payment service providers, and the future of automating AML programmes

While all reporting entities are required to monitor transactions and report suspicious ...
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Colin Dixon 8 Oct 20 10 min read

Transaction Monitoring Unpacked - A Retrospective

Recently I was fortunate to be invited by the ACAMS Australasian Chapter to join their ...
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