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Automated AML Compliance Made Simple

Jade ThirdEye is a secure SaaS solution that’s purpose-built to automate ongoing transaction monitoring, customer screening, case management, and regulatory reporting. Striking a great balance between robustness and flexibility, Jade ThirdEye is a simple yet powerful AML/CFT compliance tool that helps organisations comply with confidence in a cost-effective way.

Why Jade ThirdEye

Key components of your AML programme are automated with simple workflows and accessible customisation options to suit reporting entities of any size, in any sector.

Simple and easy-to-use
Simple and

Get started and train your team quickly, spot suspicious behaviour, and spend more time on investigative efforts, with user-friendly, web-based interfaces, dashboards, and workflow tools.

Waste less time on low-value tasks
Waste less time on
low-value tasks

With a streamlined user interface and automated monitoring capabilities, you can concentrate your resources on investigating the most critical risk alerts and significantly reduce false positives.

Respond quickly to evolving threats
Respond quickly to
evolving threats

Tailored precisely to your risk profile, our system offers customised implementation of rules tailored to your risk parameters, so you can respond quickly to evolving threats.

Local team with 24/7 support
A local team, here to
support you 24/7

Access local support and subject matter experts to maximise your AML/CFT compliance. We’re dedicated to working alongside you to make sure our solution fits your unique risk profile and regulatory requirements.

What's included

With a robust set of features and the perfect balance between ease of use and configurability, Jade ThirdEye makes automation simple and effective.

Saas Solution
A scalable SaaS solution

A secure cloud-hosted SaaS solution, with seamless access to the latest features. Benefit from low cost of ownership, limited IT overhead, and the ability to scale over time.

Sync Data
Flexible data model

Automatically synchronise customer, account, and transaction data from any system. We have a fully flexible data model, which allows us to work with any data platform, or multiple platforms if needed.

Prioritise Alerts
Prioritise alerts

Interactive dashboards, built-in alerts, and quality review workflows mean resource can be focused on investigating highest risk alerts.

Prove compliance
Prove compliance

Use the reports and automatic audit trail to demonstrate due diligence and compliance.

Our solutions

Transaction Monitoring

Monitor suspicious transactions, accounts, and behaviour.

Transaction Monitoring Collage

Customer Screening

Screen customers against Dow Jones or World-Check global watchlists.

Customer Screening Collage

Case Management

A streamlined end-to-end case management solution to create and manage your AML and fraud investigations.

Learn more
Case Management Collage

Regulatory Reporting

Automatically detect, create, and submit reports to your Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

Learn more
Regulatory Reporting Collage

Ready to comply with confidence?

Talk to our team today to learn how you can optimise your AML compliance process, monitor transactions for suspicious activity, and identify high-risk customers and customise rules to match your risk profile.

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