This is Jade ThirdEye

What does Jade ThirdEye do?

Jade ThirdEye is purpose-built to make AML transaction monitoring, customer screening, and compliance reporting reliable and efficient. With a robust set of features and the perfect balance between ease of use and configurability, it makes automation simple and effective.

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How it works

Key components of your AML programme are automated with simple workflows and accessible customisation options to suit reporting entities of any size, in any sector
Sync Data Automatically sync customer, account, and transaction data from any system
JTE-Homepage-Icons_Streamline Automate Reports Required reports are automatically prepopulated with available data for you to check and submit to your regulator
Prove Compliance Use the reports and automatic audit trail to demonstrate due diligence
Screen Customers Screen your customers against continually updated global watchlists
Customise Rules Choose from our library of transaction monitoring rules or define and build your own
Set up Screening Pick and choose from a range of options to make sure your screening settings match your business risk profile
Receive Alerts

Receive alerts for suspicious activity you need to investigate, and transactions you need to report on

Investigate Alerts See what has been flagged as potentially suspicious and take action if you need to

create efficiency, remove risk, and keep your total cost of ownership low

Seamless data integration
  • Consolidate and sync account, customer, and transaction data from your core systems in a highly secure environment
  • Sync when it suits you via API or CSV – Have data automatically loaded daily, or more often, so you're always up to date
  • Add custom lists to augment your analysis and reduce false positives
  • See data your way and improve business analysis with flexible data field setup options
  • Enjoy scalability with support for multiple reporting entities, each with different data and rules, and all from one intuitive interface
Flexible transaction monitoring with reduced false positives
  • Detect everything from simple transactions to sophisticated patterns of money laundering and fraud.
  • Hone in on suspicious activity fast with built-in alert and workflow management.
  • Access a wide range of rules in our tried and tested, integrated rules library.
  • Take advantage of the accessible rules editor to update and add new rules any time – No need to wait and pay someone else to do this. Customise your rules so they work for your business.
  • Test-drive your new rules and make them live when they’re ready.
  • Use the built-in weighting and prioritisation functionality to keep false positives to a minimum. 
Integrated customer screening
  • Choose between the continually updated Dow Jones or Refinitiv World-Check watchlists and choose sanction lists within either of these watchlists
  • Only process relevant potential customer matches and include relevant sanction lists in your screening – For example, UK customers might want to include EU-based sanction lists
  • Screen people and entities any time and set a screening schedule that suits your business
  • Use weighting and scoring to focus on what's most important
  • Record notes for audit trails so you can prove compliance and due diligence
  • Easily export customer data, screening results, and watchlist reports

Streamlined regulatory reporting, workflows, and audits
  • Use the interactive dashboard to quickly see what you need to focus on
  • Automatically detect transactions like international funds transfers and large cash transactions
  • Save time with pre-populated reports and automated submission to AUSTRAC in Australia / the FIU in New Zealand
  • Work efficiently with built-in alert and quality review workflows
  • Easily prove compliance and due diligence with automated activity logging
  • Show auditors a history of your alert management and quality review trails
  • Make the most of Jade ThirdEye with system reports that provide history, system data, and show how effective your rules are


Highly secure cloud hosting
  • Access Jade ThirdEye securely – Anytime, anywhere in your preferred browser
  • Use two-factor authentication for added application security
  • Set up role-based permissions to match your business security requirements
  • Rest easy with a GDPR-compliant solution – We hold your data in your country
  • SSL encryption, SFTP data transfer and  Cyber Essentials Plus security certification
  • ISO 27001: 2013 certified to ensure data and security is fully protected within a framework of rigorous processes and internal checks
Unlimited local support
  • Expert support during your implementation phase to get you up and running smoothly
  • 24/7 local support in your region if you need help quickly in your time zone
  • Continually updated training and self-service help so you can upskill any time and get new team members up to speed
  • Annual optimisation service to make sure you're getting the most out of Jade ThirdEye
  • Regular seamless updates, giving you access to a living product and new features as soon as they're available 
  • Lots of opportunities to talk to people who speak your language at our regular connection events with other experts in the field

jade thirdeye just keeps getting better

Seamless upgrades and new features are free to Jade ThirdEye customers. In response to customer requests and changes in legislation, we release new versions with added functionality several times a year, increasing your return on investment.

Watch the video to see what customers have to say about our updates.

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