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Claire Rees19 Jul 241 min read

Refine Your Transaction Monitoring for Holiday Scam Prevention

As summer holidays approach, so do the opportunities for criminals to extort more money ...
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Claire Rees21 Jun 242 min read

French Picnics to Transaction Monitoring: Defining Your Needs

I’m supposed to be writing a blog about transaction monitoring but instead, I’m thinking ...
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Olly Hodges20 Jun 242 min read

Empowering Financial Crime Fighters: Insights from the Regtech Association AUSTRAC Symposium

Recently the Jade ThirdEye team attended the Regtech Association AUSTRAC Symposium in ...
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Olly Hodges6 Jun 243 min read

Automating Compliance: Creating and Submitting Quality SMRs to AUSTRAC

In the dynamic world of financial regulation, it's crucial to stay up-to-date with the ...
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Jade ThirdEye28 May 241 min read

The experts behind Jade ThirdEye

At Jade ThirdEye, we take great pride in the knowledge and expertise embodied by our ...
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Claire Rees17 May 242 min read

A Closer Look at the Proposed FCA Guidance for Transaction Monitoring

Claire Rees' latest blog for UK Finance takes a closer look at the proposed FCA Guidance ...
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Jamie Muir9 May 247 min read

Bridging the gap: How to build a resilient AML program across multiple teams and technologies

The Jade ThirdEye team recently hosted a Senior Leaders Roundtable Lunch in Melbourne ...
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Claire Rees1 May 242 min read

Benefits for Lenders of Automated Transaction Monitoring and Customer Screening

If you’re a lender, your business is likely to be mostly regular, predicted, “normal” ...
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Claire Rees5 Apr 24< 1 min read

Spotlight on Money Mules

Claire Rees, Financial Crime Regulatory Specialist for Jade ThirdEye puts Money Mules in ...
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Colin Dixon28 Feb 241 min read

Automating Prescribed Transaction Reports to the FIU

PTRs: A crucial source of intelligence for the FIU Prescribed Transaction Reports (PTRs) ...
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