Comprehensive Customer Screening

Easily screen your customers to improve confidence, reduce risks, and increase efficiencies in your customer onboarding and enhance customer due diligence processes.

Maintain Control of Your Customer Screening

Jade ThirdEye makes it easy for you to set up your customer screening programme, to give you greater confidence that your AML compliance programme identifies people and entities of interest. 

Configure your watchlist screening from either Dow Jones or Refinitiv World-Check in line with your risk profile, and, control the scope of your customer screening, how often it takes place and which lists your customers are screened against.

When making changes to your screening, you can easily test and validate the impact of new settings before making them live.

Your staff will be quickly alerted to PEPs, their relatives and close associates, sanctioned people and entities and other individuals who are convicted, arrested or undergoing trial for a financial or serious crime such as fraud or drug trafficking.

Ongoing Monitoring

Automate your ongoing screening by configuring Jade ThirdEye to review existing customers when their details are updated, when the watchlist gets updated at set times, or on demand.

Ensure your screening is using the most current information with automatic watchlist updates and application of new sanction lists as soon as they become available.


Integrated customer screening and transaction monitoring

Jade ThirdEye integrates your watchlist screening and transaction monitoring, offering a consolidated source of truth that enables you to apply enhanced due diligence through closer transaction monitoring of your high risk customers.


Confidently prepare for audits and regulatory reviews with Jade ThirdEye. Our system allows users to document responses to alerts leaving an audit trail should it be needed for audits or to conduct detailed reporting for review.

AML Reports can display alerts by time period and status. You can also export this information as screening evidence.

The entire audit history of watchlist alerts is available, including status updates, notes and time of closure. Users can add as many notes as they wish. This information can then be exported for use with audits and regulatory reviews.

local support

Jade ThirdEye offers unlimited expert, local support when you need it.

And, because we know people like to learn in different ways, we also offer self-service training resources so you can upskill at any time, and help new team members to get up to speed quickly.