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Suspicious Matter Reports

Streamline your SMR process and automatically submit reports to AUSTRAC

What are Suspicious Matter Reports?

Australian reporting entities must submit Suspicious Matter Reports (SMRs) to AUSTRAC if they suspect that a person or transaction is linked to a crime. Submission of SMRs is time-consuming; manual processes can easily lead to mistakes, and failure to complete all required fields accurately and on time can result in fines.

With Jade ThirdEye, you can streamline your entire SMR process, ensure all mandatory data has been entered, have your reports automatically submitted after validation, access your AUSTRAC confirmation ID, and view a full audit trail of your SMR submission process.

Key features

Effortless SMR creation

Jade ThirdEye enables you to create an SMR from an alert, a case, or for any customer.

Automated data validation

When you create an SMR, Jade ThirdEye automatically populates the required properties from your data and validates this against the AUSTRAC schema to ensure every submission is valid.

Quality control and approval

You can check and approve an SMR before it is submitted, to ensure the quality of the data and that the grounds for suspicion meets AUSTRAC's expectations.

Seamless SMR submission

Jade ThirdEye seamlessly integrates with AUSTRAC Online, through their B2B interface, and confirms successful submission.

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Learn how a leading financial institution slashed SMR submission time by 80% – from 2 hours to 20 minutes

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Why automate your
AML reporting?

Automation can streamline the reporting process of investigating, analysing, and monitoring in a reliable, timely, and cost-effective way, and help you meet your SMR obligations.

Meet deadlines

Easily and efficiently meet SMR deadlines with AUSTRAC

Automate Reporting

Eliminate manual and time-consuming reporting processes

Comply with confidence

Generate quality reports to meet AUSTRAC requirements

Integrated reporting with AUSTRAC

Partnering for success

Trusted for over 10 years
We’ve been supporting reporting entities in multiple sectors around the globe for over 10 years, and we're committed to providing a first-class AML/CFT solution.
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24/7 local support
Our local support team gets you up and running during your initial implementation and provides 24/7 support. Whenever you need us, we’re right here.
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Optimisation service
We provide an optimisation service, including a full review of your rules, to help you make the most of your investment and evolve your AML/CFT programme.

See how SMR automation can evolve your SMR compliance

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