Jade ThirdEye
Is Watching

You can rest easy with Jade ThirdEye monitoring your transactions as you sleep. Jade ThirdEye has a sophisticated rules engine that provides a solid backbone for a good transaction monitoring program. 

Monitor Transactions Your Way

Being able to customise the rules that monitor your customers' transactions helps you identify suspicious activity quickly. You can easily pinpoint the transactions you need to report, reduce false positives, and spend time where it matters most.

The rules running your engine are easy to build, tune, and manage in Jade ThirdEye. 

And you don't need IT or expensive professional services to customise your rules or keep them up to date and optimised over time. You can do this yourself and we’ve got you covered with implementation and ongoing rule reviews if you need support.

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Bespoke Transaction Monitoring

The rules that monitor your transactions are highly flexible and configurable. They're designed to fit with your specific profile needs, not the other way around. You can set up relevant rules to help you find suspicious activity quickly, identify transactions for your regulatory reporting and reduce false positives. Jade ThirdEye does the heavy lifting for you, so yor time is freed up to focus on analysis.

Watch a video to see what our customers say about how easy it is to manage the transaction monitoring rules in Jade ThirdEye.

rules library

Jade ThirdEye includes a comprehensive library of rules that have been tried and tested around the world for many years in the fight against financial crime.

This can help you to get up and running quickly and give you a good starting point for building your own rules.

Our rules library includes rules for transactions, accounts, and customer behaviour that are suited for a variety of industry sectors.

The flexibility of Jade ThirdEye also enables you to create new rules and adjust existing rules to match your risk profile. In short, you can set up Jade ThirdEye to fit your business like a glove.

self-service rules

Jade ThirdEye doesn't limit you to out-of-the-box rules. No matter what sector you're in, you can take advantage of the flexibility of the rules editor in Jade ThirdEye rules and the data properties to monitor everything from simple transactions to complex patterns of customer behaviour. 

You can simulate and test your rules in "draft mode" directly in Jade ThirdEye before going live.

This reduces your reliance on IT and expensive professional services, increasing your return on investment in automation and lowering your cost of compliance. And it lets you continually improve and adapt your AML and CFT efforts in line with changes to your risk profile, workflow, and changing regulations.

You can also take advantage of the flexibility and sophistication of rules in Jade ThirdEye to adjust your rules over time, reducing false positives.

Fine-tune your rules over time

Jade ThirdEye makes it easy to fine-tune your rules over time, helping to reduce false positives, improve your outcomes and respond to change.

You can also run a simple report any time to check how effective your rules are. The report provides details on:

  • How many alerts each rule generated over a date range you select

  • How many times a rule ran

  • Why alerts were closed

If you need help customising your rules or creating new ones, we're here to support you.


Unlimited support

Jade ThirdEye comes with unlimited expert support. This is available to you 24/7 in your region if you need help in your time zone.

Support also includes continually updated training and self-service resources so you can upskill any time and get new team members up to speed.

And you get regular, seamless product updates – Access to a living product with new features as soon as they become available. 

Annual optimisation service

An annual optimisation service is included in your subscription. This is where our subject matter experts take a look at how you're using Jade ThirdEye to make sure you're getting the most out of transaction monitoring.

We also make sure your rules are working optimally for your business and accurately detecting suspicious activity with minimal false positives.