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Transaction Monitoring

Monitor suspicious transactions, accounts, and customer behaviour

With Jade ThirdEye Transaction Monitoring, you can quickly identify and report on high-risk customers, suspicious activities, and reduce false positives, so you can spend time where it matters most.

Rapidly detect unusual activity with near-real-time data load API and easily configure your rules to adapt to changing risks so you can respond quickly to evolving threats.


Key features

Bespoke rules to match your risk profile

Create new rules and adjust existing rules to match your risk profile. You have control to create the rules you need – our team can help you to set up your rules from our extensive rules library or you can add your own customised rules. This enables you to continually improve and adapt your Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) efforts in line with changes to your risk profile, workflow, and regulations.

Built-in sandbox

Jade ThirdEye has a built-in sandbox environment, where you can create or adjust your rules. You can then test your rules, to ensure they are performing effectively before going live.

Reduce false positives

Easily fine-tune your rules over time, helping to reduce false positives, improve your outcomes, and respond to change. You can also run reports any time to check how effective your rules are.

Detect other types of financial crime

As well as detecting money laundering, Jade ThirdEye enables you to set up rules to detect other types of financial crime such as terrorist financing, fraud, and modern slavery.

Jade Thirdeye team

What our customers say

“Before Jade ThirdEye, it was taking a very long time to spot suspicious and unusual activity and flag it. We can now clear the alerts in a timely manner, getting rid of the three-week delay that used to exist.”

Fexco Pacific

“Jade ThirdEye helped us cut through complexity with a unified system for transaction monitoring and customer screening, replacing three outdated legacy systems. The Jade team helped us clarify and enhance our requirements during deployment and for several enhancements thereafter. Recently I requested a relatively complex enhancement that would have taken weeks with the legacy system and the Jade team responded “We’ll have it done by the end of the day”."


“Jade ThirdEye gave us the power to screen new customers and transactions for an emerging fraud trend within 24 hours of the first case seen. This resulted in suspicious accounts being easily identified, allowing us to quickly alert our branches to customers of concern, while monitoring for them opening online accounts.”

Skipton Building Society

“Implementing the Jade ThirdEye solution is one a number of key enhancements to our AML processes. It is important to InvestNow that we continue to invest in our resources and capabilities as we play our part in the wider prevention of financial crime, and implementing a tool like Jade ThirdEye to automate and manage the growing transaction volume and scale in our business was an easy decision to make.”


“Using Jade ThirdEye has made a real difference from day one, both in terms of what we monitor and how we do it! Automating transaction monitoring has freed up more time for my team to focus on the investigation of suspicious activity and protecting our members from financial crime.”

Dudley Building Society

“We were looking for a solution to enhance our AML and CFT controls. Jade ThirdEye automates our transaction and customer screening, freeing up time and resources for the financial crime team to do what they do best, investigate suspicious activity and protect our members from money laundering and financial crime.”

Leek Building Society

Partnering for success

Trusted for over 10 years
Trusted for over 10 years

We’ve been supporting reporting entities in multiple sectors around the globe for over 10 years, and we're committed to providing a first-class AML/CFT solution.

24/7 local support
24/7 local support
Our local support team gets you up and running during your initial implementation and provides 24/7 support. Whenever you need us, we’re right here.
Optimisation Service
Optimisation service

We provide an optimisation service, including a full review of your rules, to help you make the most of your investment and evolve your AML/CFT programme.

Ready to comply with confidence?

Talk to our team today to learn how you can optimise your AML compliance process, monitor transactions for suspicious activity, and identify high-risk customers and customise rules to match your risk profile.

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