Automated AML compliance made simple

Evolve your AML compliance and fraud detection with an automated software approach. Compliance doesn’t need to be complicated or costly. Jade ThirdEye makes it simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

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Detect suspicious transactions, fight money laundering, and meet your AML/CFT compliance obligations

Jade ThirdEye software gives you a powerful, uncomplicated way to analyse your customer and transactional data for suspicious activity and individuals. 

How we can help

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Quickly identify high risk customers and suspicious activity

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Keep false positives to a minimum

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Direct your investigative efforts where they’re most valuable

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Monitor increasing volumes of transactions

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Easily create and submit compliant reports to the NZ FIU

Simple and Scalable

Jade ThirdEye is securely hosted in New Zealand, fully GDPR-compliant, and delivered  as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This means there’s no need for new hardware or complicated IT projects, so you can get started quickly - you’ll always have access to the latest features, and the system can easily scale with your business.

Working with

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comply with Confidence

To run effective and compliant anti-money laundering (AML) efforts, your data analysis needs to fit the size and structure of your business.

Jade ThirdEye gives you that control without being complex to use. You can:

  • Create your own rules to flag suspicious transactions
  • Manage alerts for suspicious transactions or entities of interest as they are assigned for investigation, reviewed, and reported
  • Screen customers against fully integrated World-Check or Dow Jones Risk and Compliance watchlists
  • Automatically create and submit compliant Prescribed Transaction Reports (PTRs) to goAML (the NZ Financial Intelligence Unit Reporting Tool)
  • Get expert help from Jade with your initial implementation, and ongoing support whenever you need it

We’re already helping companies around the world

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Safeguarding 50+ companies

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Monitoring billions of transactions

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Screening 1,000,000s of customers

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30+ New Zealand Reporting Entities

We're local

Jade ThirdEye has been helping NZ reporting entities protect our communities since the initial roll out of legislation in 2013. Our Christchurch-based team's expertise helps you smoothly implement and integrate Jade ThirdEye into your business. We train your team to make the most of our product, and we’re always available for ongoing support.

"Before ThirdEye, it was taking a very long time to spot suspicious and unusual activity and flag it, we can now clear the alerts in a timely manner, getting rid of the three-week delay that used to exist."

Leading provider of foreign exchange and money transfer services in New Zealand.


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Money Exchange

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Non-bank lenders

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AML compliance made simple. Automate your AML processes with smarter online systems.

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Whether you’re looking for a replacement system, or wanting to automate manual processes for the first time, this e-book will help you understand how AML-specific software could help you lift your compliance game.

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