Reliable AML Reporting.
Reduced Risk.

Save time and reduce risk with streamlined AML reporting. Jade ThirdEye automates critical aspects of your AML/CFT programme so you can focus on other high value activities.

AML Regulatory Reporting You Can Rely On

A critical component of your AML/CFT programme is your ability to submit quality reports to your regulator on time. Failing to meet these obligations poses a huge risk to your business. 

Automation helps you meet your AML regulatory reporting obligations in a more reliable, timely, and cost-effective way. Whether you’re reporting suspicious activity, cash, or foreign transactions, you can rely on Jade ThirdEye to replace risky manual processes with a streamlined approach that improves detection, scales over time, and frees up your team to focus on high value activities.  

AML regulatory reporting is not just an obligation, it’s a critical weapon in the fight against financial crime. Make sure you know your AML reporting requirements for AUSTRAC, the New Zealand FIU, or the UK National Crime Agency.

Check out some tips we shared at a recent webinar on how to simplify and streamline reporting to AUSTRAC.

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Detect suspicious activity

Reliable, efficient reporting starts with detection. Jade ThirdEye consolidates and analyses critical data to help you identify suspicious activity and automatically identify transactions you need to report.  

Jade ThirdEye ingests data from any system. With flexible architecture and a
rules-based engine, it's easy to make the most of your data and replace manual processes with work that’s better suited to automation.   

Dashboards and alerts highlight time-sensitive, critical activity with real-time statuses to make sure you meet your AML regulatory reporting obligations. Approvals, workflows, and centralised information mean your team can spend their time on high value compliance activities and quality reporting.  

A rules engine that’s easy to customise

AML obligations in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK require reporting entities to submit AML reports on suspicious activity and transactions. Jade ThirdEye simplifies this process for you and helps you streamline your AML obligations.

Watch the video to see how.

Quality reports for your regulator

Regulators require quality reports in tight timeframes, which help keep communities safe. Whether your volumes are large or small, centralised data and effective automation will help you submit quality AML reports faster and with less effort so you can meet your obligations without worry, even as your business scales over time.  

You can use all the data available to Jade ThirdEye to populate reports and have these submitted manually – or automatically, saving valuable time

Direct integration with AUSTRAC in Australia and the FIU in New Zealand makes submitting Suspicious Matter Reports (SMRs), Transaction Threshold Reports (TTRs), International Funds Transfer Instructions (IFTIs), and Prescribed Transaction Reports (PTRs) reports even easier.

You can rely on the Jade ThirdEye team to maintain these connections and help you report to your regulators in the right format, so you can focus valuable IT and compliance resources on more important activities.  


Prove Compliance

When it’s time to review, report, and prove you're compliant, Jade ThirdEye makes it easy with a full audit trail and embedded reports to help you review your operations and communicate with regulators, auditors, and your business. 

Successful audits are fast and effective. With Jade ThirdEye  you get a single view of all of your reportable and non-reportable transactions, as well as a record of reporting that you can use to support your AML programme and streamline the audit process.

A subscription to Jade ThirdEye also includes regular system health checks and rule reviews so you can make sure everything is working as expected and update your system to reflect changes in your AML programme, business, and regulations.

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  • See how you can monitor transactions for suspicious activity
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  • Find out how to customise rules to match your risk profile

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