Automated AML Compliance Made Simple

Know Your AML programme responsibilities for Casinos and Gaming

 AML/CFT legislation impacts businesses across all sectors, whether large banks or local leasing companies. Regardless of size, everyone has a part to play in disrupting criminal activity and keeping our communities safe.   

As the costs, risks, and regulations associated with achieving compliance continue to steadily increase, reporting entities in every sector require cost effective solutions that are the right fit for their particular risk profile and business environment. 


Casinos and reporting entities in the gaming sector have been highlighted internationally and domestically as being vulnerable to money laundering and transaction fraud activities. They often attract a lot of attention from criminals and regulators alike.

While you want to focus on a fantastic customer experience, you must also meet stringent regulatory requirements. This can come with additional risk and cost that will only escalate as your business scales. 

Casinos and gaming establishments are required to comply with the same AML/CFT regulations as financial institutions, but they're a different kind of institution.

The diversity of patrons, the frequency and volume of transactions—much of it cash-based—can make it hard to build, manage, and optimise an AML/CFT programme cost-effectively. This is where automation comes in. 

Reporting entities in the casinos and gaming sector need:

  • Transaction monitoring capability that can be configured to match your risk profile and detect a wide variety of suspicious activity, from sophisticated patterns of customer behaviour to simple cash transactions – out-of-the-box rules aren't fit for purpose
  • Automated detection and reporting for foreign and cash transactions  
  • To be able to screen large, dynamic customer lists to fulfil ongoing obligations with less effort
  • To help flag and monitor high-risk customers from PEP and Sanction lists  
  • To be able to automate regulatory reporting so obligations are met on time and staff spend less energy on low value activities  
  • A way to replace manual, time-consuming, risky processes with reliable automation that's cost-effective
  • Simple, easy-to-use software that empowers businesses to use their expertise and meet their compliance obligations with minimal investment in time and training
  • A high level of local service and expertise so your staff are fully supported  
  • A highly secure, reliable SaaS solution that frees up your IT and compliance teams to focus on more valuable activities and spend less time managing software 
  • To be able to update, tune, and optimise the system over time to respond to regulatory and behavioural change without high service costs 
  • Consistent, centralised record keeping, audit trails, and reporting to help reduce the cost of audits and make it easy to prove compliance 

Features include

JTE_Icons_Sync Data_RGB Integrated Data The ability to integrate data from any system and use a wide variety of data fields in a central, dedicated solution for AML/CFT compliance monitoring.    
JTE_Icons_Define Rules_RGB Flexible Rules

Easy to use, flexible, rules-based transaction monitoring that you can configure according to your risk profile – on your own or with our team.

JTE-Homepage-Icons_Meet Obligations Integrated Watchlists Integrated watchlists to help you flag and monitor high-risk customers and entities as well as meet ongoing customer screening requirements.  
JTE-Homepage-Icons_Streamline Automated Reporting Automated regulatory reporting that detects required transactions and streamlines the entire process of submitting reports, including automatically sending these to AUSTRAC or the FIU.  
JTE-Homepage-Icons_Prove Compliance Demonstrable AML Compliance A fully audited system of record to help you report on, review, and prove AML compliance, as well as create a valuable separation of information for your compliance team.    
JTE_Icons_Full_Support_RGB Full In-region Support Full support from our team in your region to keep your system up and running, train your staff, optimise your rules, and help you get the most out of the product.  
JTE-Homepage-Icons_Remove Risk Reduced Risk A fully hosted, secure solution with local support means minimal IT and project overhead, lowering your total cost of compliance, and increasing the reliability of your AML programme so staff can focus on more valuable activities.   
JTE_Icons_Set Up Screening_RGB Centralised Management The ability to manage multiple locations, branches, and data sets through a single, centralised system.  


A cost-effective, flexible AML solution for casinos and gaming companies