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Newcastle Strategic Solutions
improves scale and flexibility

The hunt for a first-class AML/CFT automation tool

Newcastle Strategic Solutions Ltd (NSSL), the UK's leading savings management platform, is part of the Newcastle Building Society group. They support UK Banks and Building Societies looking to launch and grow their savings operations or transform the management of their existing portfolio.

With a growing client base, Newcastle Strategic Solutions needs powerful, future-proofed systems, and reliable technology to meet evolving client demands.

The Problem

Newcastle Strategic Solutions needed a more-flexible AML/CFT system

Newcastle Strategic Solutions had an existing transaction monitoring and screening tool but they were looking for enhanced control over their system and tendered for a new supplier.They needed to maintain a reliable, secure, flexible AML/CFT solution that could be implemented without too much disruption to their business.
Jade ThirdEye ticked all the boxes and more, enabling them to refortify their AML/CFT controls to suit their business needs.

“IT and Information Security teams were heavily involved. They were happy with Jade’s responses. As a cloud system saves time and effort, the fact that we can rely on Jade to manage the data is a big win for IT. It’s far better for the business.”

— Newcastle Strategic Solutions IT team


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The features NSSL
were looking for

Flexibility to customise

Newcastle Strategic Solutions wanted to be able to create their own transaction and profile monitoring rules instead of having to rely on an external provider to do this.

Security, data protection and reliability

The new solution had to be GDPR compliant and meet stringent security requirements to guarantee protection for Newcastle Strategic Solutions and their clients' customers. This included aligning with GDPR requirements. Since this is a critical system, Newcastle Strategic Solutions had to be sure of high availability in their chosen solution.


Supported transition

Newcastle Strategic Solutions had an existing set of working rules they wanted to be able to maintain and enhance over time. They required a system that could support their existing rule set with improved configurability.

The Solution

After a robust tender process, Newcastle Strategic Solutions found Jade ThirdEye was best-suited to solve their complex AML/CFT compliance obligations and support their business goals.

Jade ThirdEye provides integrated customer screening and automated transaction monitoring; as a result, Newcastle Strategic Solutions was able to address two critical aspects of their AML/CFT programme in one solution.

Efficiency is important and we can already see that the volume of alerts we see now is far lower. The ability to add weightings and configuration to screening parameters has allowed us to drive down Sanction and PEP false positives.”

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Flexibility and Configurability

Newcastle Strategic Solutions had several controls that were successfully identifying suspicious transactions. In Jade ThirdEye, it is easy to create, update, and manage rules, so the implementation team were able to lift and shift the critical aspects of their previous controls into the new system. From there, Solutions can adjust the system to suit their needs instead of spending money and time on a supplier to do this for them.


Security, data protection and reliability

The IT team at Newcastle Strategic Solutions were satisfied Jade ThirdEye, which recently received Cyber Essentials Plus certification, met their stringent security needs.

Jade ThirdEye is a SaaS solution, fully hosted and supported by Jade Software in the UK. Newcastle Strategic Solutions had confidence that their mission-critical systems would be kept up and running with minimal IT overhead. With local support available 24/7, they knew any issues that arose could be raised and resolved quickly.


Fully supported transition

Newcastle Strategic Solutions appreciated the implementation support they received as they transitioned to Jade ThirdEye and found the support team helpful and responsive throughout the implementation process.

“Having a support team in the UK and seeing that team grow is important. It increases our confidence to have them in our time zone and work directly with them.”

Abbie Williams, Financial Crime Specialist, Newcastle Business Society.

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The Result

Improved efficiency

Newcastle Strategic Solutions began to see efficiencies soon after implementation. With transaction monitoring and screening up and running, the enhanced ruleset helped reduce the false positive rate. Alongside this, due to configurations available on the screening side, Solutions were also able to reduce the number of screening false positives.


Custom reporting

Newcastle Strategic Solutions is quickly able to configure reports for audits and clients.


Work your way

Newcastle Strategic Solutions can review their setup any time and even switch between supported watchlist providers if they want to. Added to this, because Jade ThirdEye runs in your browser, the team can access it wherever and whenever they need to, even remotely.



As Newcastle Strategic Solutions grows, the  system will continue to scale with them over time.

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