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Claire Rees

Claire Rees is a Financial Crime Regulatory Specialist in the UK for Jade ThirdEye. Claire has over 21 year's experience working in Risk Management roles in financial services, 17 years of which were spent specialising in Financial Crime Prevention in a number of senior roles including most recently as Head of Fraud and AML with a mortgage lender and service provider. Claire has participated in a number of regulatory and industry Financial Crime panels including a Government AML advisory panel and the CIFAS Insider Threat Advisory Board which explored ever-changing insider fraud threats.

Blog Post by Claire Rees

Claire Rees17 May 242 min read

A Closer Look at the Proposed FCA Guidance for Transaction Monitoring

Claire Rees' latest blog for UK Finance takes a closer look at the proposed FCA Guidance ...
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Claire Rees1 May 242 min read

Benefits for Lenders of Automated Transaction Monitoring and Customer Screening

If you’re a lender, your business is likely to be mostly regular, predicted, “normal” ...
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Claire Rees5 Apr 24< 1 min read

Spotlight on Money Mules

Claire Rees, Financial Crime Regulatory Specialist for Jade ThirdEye puts Money Mules in ...
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Claire Rees23 Feb 245 min read

Building your business case for a new financial crime monitoring system

Working the output of financial crime monitoring can be a thankless task, especially if ...
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Claire Rees7 Feb 242 min read

Leveraging Non-Monetary Data in Financial Crime Detection

Last week I had the pleasure of being part of UK Finance’s inaugural Fraud Technical ...
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Claire Rees5 Jan 243 min read

2023 reflections and 2024 predictions for the financial crime landscape

I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the key developments in the financial crime ...
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Claire Rees11 Dec 231 min read

Marsden Building Society selects Jade ThirdEye AML Solution

Marsden Building Society is the fourth Building Society in the UK this year to choose ...
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Claire Rees5 Dec 231 min read

Navigating The FCA's Latest Review

In thisUK Finance Blog, Jade ThirdEye, Client Manager, Claire Rees explores enhancing ...
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Claire Rees11 Jul 232 min read

Working smarter to detect money laundering and fraud

Fraud is on the increase. PwC’s latest Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey reveals ...
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Claire Rees15 Apr 231 min read

Leek Building Society choose Jade ThirdEye to fight financial crime

Leek Building Society is the latest Building Society in the UK to choose Jade ThirdEye ...
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