Welcome to the Global AML Compliance Report 2021

First edition | 2021

The pulse of the anti-money laundering profession

This report dives into the challenges and issues facing the AML sector, with insights and learnings from compliance professionals from around the world. Findings were made from a 39-question survey with input from AML compliance professionals.  

Access the report now to see how your peers are addressing all sorts of matters in their AML programmes, including:

  • Keeping up with AML legislation
  • Risks and confidence levels in an AML programme
  • AML compliance culture
  • Automating AML processes
  • AML compliance technology 
  • Overall satisfaction levels 


About Jade ThirdEye


Transaction monitoring and customer screening

Jade ThirdEye automates these two critical components of your AML programme in one system, giving you efficiency and transparency.

Your risk, your rules

We’ll work with you to customise Jade ThirdEye to suit your risk profile. Once you're up and running, you can easily change rules to optimise and evolve how you use the product.

Beyond compliance

Take advantage of the flexibility and sophistication of Jade ThirdEye to detect fraud and combat financial crime.

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