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This page links to all the latest resources we have for existing Jade ThirdEye customersFeel free to help yourselves and get the most out of the product! If you're a customer and you have any trouble accessing the links on this page, please contact Support


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Unfortunately you won't be able to access our customer resources from the links on this page. But we still have a range of free resources for you to learn about the product. You're also very welcome to contact us directly if you'd like to know more about Jade ThirdEye.


Get an overview of what Jade ThirdEye does, the security measures we have in place, and how watchlist screening works. 

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Get set up with Jade ThirdEye! This includes learning how to set up two-factor authentication and transfer your data. If you have any trouble importing your data, there’s a troubleshooting guide to step you through this. 

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Product Guide

Once you’re up and running with Jade ThirdEye you can dip into the product guide any time to learn how to use all the features available in the product and become a power user!  

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Check out a range of video simulations and webinar recordings to see how you can streamline your compliance requirements. 

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Focus Topics

Want to get into the nitty gritty? Check out the focus topics that go into more detail about specific areas of the product, like rules and watchlist screening. 

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There’s a lot you can do with Jade ThirdEye. Once you’re familiar with the product, it’s a good idea to check you’re getting the most out of it. Let us know if youd like us to review your rules or check the health of your system. 

We’d also love you to send us any ideas you have for new features you’d like to see in the product. Use the dedicated IRIS customer suggestion portal to add ideas and see what other Jade ThirdEye customers have requested. 

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What's NEW?

We release new versions of Jade ThirdEye several times a year to give you early access to new functionality. This section explains the new features available and how to use them.  

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