Ashley Bass 11 Mar 20 2 min read

Money launderers are now sleeping with (not one but) two eyes open.

Money launderers and criminals financing terrorism are becoming increasingly smarter. At the same time, the scale and scrutiny compliant reporting entities face are growing too. Luckily, automating critical aspects of your AML compliance program can help, and automation tools like Jade ThirdEye are getting smarter and helping teams stay ahead. 


The new and improved Jade ThirdEye

The most recent Jade ThirdEye (v2.12) release delivers an all new user interface that is easier to use, and has new functionality to help AML compliance officers and staff work more efficiently. 

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Jade ThirdEye now solves business problems in a better way with:

  • An updated look and feel in a unified, easy to use interface for two critical aspects of your AML programme – Transaction Monitoring and Ongoing Customer Screening.
  • Intuitive icons, sorting, and visual cues improve productivity by helping AML staff identify and take action on suspicious activity faster.
  • Access to critical data in just a few clicks, so it’s faster to get to the information required for investigations and reports.
  • The ability to easily add notes, consolidate information, and review activity so decisions, actions and outcomes are transparent and accessible.

While automation solves important problems in the AML ecosystem, people are still at the heart of the process, using their expertise to investigate, take action, and ensure their organisations and customers are protected. This human-centered workflow is the reason that usability in AML automation software is so important.

"Processing rule alerts in the new user interface is awesome because it has dynamic and modern look. Certainly user friendly and helps me do my role more effectively. The new interface is fantastic because it provides clear navigation pathways for processing rules, simpler & quickly." Rachel Clarke, Operational Risk & AML/CFT Manager.

Committed to assisting with AML compliance amid changing regulations and market forces.

Why are we continuing to invest in Jade ThirdEye with regular product updates and new features that incorporate customer feedback and regulatory changes in the regulatory landscape? Because of the rising compliance costs businesses face, changing business goals, and the ever-increasing pressure on staff.

Software that automates your AML/CFT compliance process solves a myriad of problems by removing error-prone human activity, creating efficiencies that reduce the cost of compliance, and making it easier for you to handle the increasing volume of transactions and regulatory scrutiny over time.

In summary, Jade ThirdEye is now even easier to use and takes even less time to adopt. And our commitment to continual improvement means we'll keep rolling out the latest features with no overhead or complexity, which not only delivers the right outcomes and but increases the ROI to your institution over time. 

Ready to learn more about the new UI and how Jade ThirdEye solves problems for financial reporting entities with reliable, highly usable, automation? 



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