Stephanie Hacksley 9 Mar 21 3 min read

Jade ThirdEye 2.17 – Making your life easier one release at a time

This week we're delighted to deliver the first release of Jade ThirdEye for 2021, with version 2.17 now available to all our customers. 

As financial crime escalates around the globe, we're squirreling away to make life easier for the good people who help combat it. The latest release of Jade ThirdEye includes a bunch of features to support AML professionals as they do vital work to help keep our communities safe.

This version of Jade ThirdEye delivers:

  • Enhanced streamlining of automated prescribed reporting for New Zealand businesses. With prepopulated data and built-in guidance around any missing data, it's a lot easier to prepare and submit reports, saving you time, resources, and needless frustration.
  • The ability to sharpen your focus on team priorities and quickly identify the alerts and reports you need to address first.
  • Capability to toggle between draft and live mode for reporting entities. You can review draft alerts and make sure your rules are working properly before you make them live, which is super handy for data quality and efficiency.
  • The ability to export a range of data whenever you want to. This enables timely analysis and external reporting in external software.


Read on to learn more about the key features in this release ...


Automated Prescribed Transactions Reporting for NZ

Jade ThirdEye now automatically generates International Funds Transfers (IFTs) and Large Cash Transactions (LCTs) for reporting entities in New Zealand. It also prepopulates these required reports for you. So all you need to do is check them, fill out any missing data—which will be highlighted for you with helpful hints—and submit on time to the FIU! 

Does it get any easier than that?

If you're a customer and you are not already set up to have your PTRs automatically sent to the FIU, we recommend you arrange this.



Filter interactive data on the dashboard

More interactive data is now available on the dashboard, making it dead easy to see at a glance what you need to focus on when you log in for the day.

You can also filter the data on the dashboard, which makes it a breeze to see what you, your team, or a particular team member should do next. This provides great visibility and clarity for workload and accountability. And you don't need to waste time thinking about what you to prioritise because it's all one screen.

Additionally, you can check the processing status of alerts that are open and see if any of your customers on the watchlist are awaiting sign-off by management. 



Toggle between draft and live data

If you're in charge of setting up Jade ThirdEye in your business, you can now easily switch between draft and live mode for a reporting entity. This means you can review draft alerts and make sure your rules are working properly before you make them live, which is super handy for data quality and efficiency.



Export data for external analysis and reporting

You can export a range of account, customer, watchlist, and rule alert data from Jade ThirdEye. This supports any reporting and analysis you might want to do in external software.


We hope our customers enjoy using this latest version of Jade ThirdEye as much as we've enjoyed creating it! If you're a customer and you have any feature suggestions, be sure to share them in IRIS so we can prioritise the features that are most valuable to you.

Not a customer yet? We're always happy to talk about how our customers are streamlining their AML programmes to reduce stress and comply with AML regulations. Get in touch and we'll schedule some time to talk! 

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